Woman buying groceries at an essential business.

Lawsuits After Contracting the Coronavirus at Work

Q: Can an employer be liable if a worker contracts COVID-19 at work? The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has turned the nation upside down with government directives locking down most of the country for extended periods of time. While the race for effective treatments and a new vaccine continues, record numbers of victims have perished as […]

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Emergency room in a hospital

Bandage Over a Bullet Wound Leads to Malpractice Lawsuit

Q: Are emergency room errors grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit?  Santa Fe and Albuquerque New Mexico medical malpractice attorneys counsel victims on the many different types of medical malpractice.  What is medical malpractice? Medical malpractice occurs when a doctor or other healthcare provider “deviates from the acceptable standard of care” and, as a result […]

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stethoscope and gavel representing medical malpractice

What Is Medical Malpractice?

As patients, we expect a lot of doctors and other medical professionals. After all, our health is in their hands. Most of the time, they meet or exceed our standards, providing us with excellent care and properly addressing our medical issues. However, healthcare professionals sometimes make mistakes, and when a healthcare professional makes a particularly […]

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Red pressure cooker steaming.

Exploding Pressure Cookers Lead to Product Liability Lawsuit

Q: Is a manufacturer responsible for injuries caused by its product? Santa Fe and Albuquerque New Mexico personal injury attorneys help victims of other people’s negligence recover compensation for their physical, psychological, and other injuries.  Personal injury lawsuits can arise from many different situations including car accidents, medical malpractice, and product liability. Often, burn injuries […]

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Woman holding elderly woman's hand who has been injured due to nursing home abuse.

New Mexico Nursing Home Abuse

Q: What is elder abuse? When people picture their golden years, it’s safe to say that few envision living in a nursing home. While most facilities are staffed with trained and caring professionals that provide the proper standard of care to their residents, some seniors are not so lucky. What goes on behind those closed […]

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