Close up of newborn baby's feet.

Top Medical Mistakes That Cause Birth Injuries in Newborns

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Welcoming a baby into the world should be a joyous occasion. For some parents, however, there can be complications that turn this beautiful event into a traumatic one. 

If a medical professional was negligent or caused harm to your baby during the birth, it’s possible to get compensation to cover medical bills and reimburse you for the pain and suffering you’ve endured. Consider these common medical mistakes that could cause birth injuries to your newborn.

Use of Too Much Force During the Delivery

If a newborn’s shoulders get stuck in the birth canal, they could end up with shoulder dystocia. This is a medical emergency that not all doctors quickly recognize, and it can result in the doctor pulling too hard during labor. 

Continuing to pull could result not just in injuries to the mother, but also in injuries to the newborn, including damage to the brachial plexus nerves. This could potentially cause Erb’s palsy, weakening or even paralyzing a child’s arms or hands. 

Failure to Properly Monitor Mother and Infant During Labor

Carefully watching the mother and infant throughout the entirety of the labor is essential for the health of both. Healthcare providers have to monitor maternal blood pressure, fetal heart rate, and all other vital signs to be able to spot any symptoms of distress. 

Not noticing fetal distress can lead to the baby being deprived of oxygen. This could lead to significant injuries, including brain damage. 

Improper Use of Vacuum Extractors or Forceps

Complex deliveries many times require the use of devices like forceps or vacuum extractors to help the baby’s passage through the birth canal. Using these tools, however, requires a medical professional who has the right skill and precision necessary to keep both the mother and baby safe. 

Using too much force during this process could lead to severe neck and brain injuries in newborns. 

Delayed Delivery

A labor that goes on for too long is dangerous for both mother and baby. The doctor has to recognize nonproductive labor and has to take steps to speed up the process, like beginning medication-induced labor or ordering an emergency C-section. If they don’t, permanent injury can occur to both the mother and baby. 

Failure to Diagnose Dangerous Conditions or Illnesses Before or After Birth

During and after pregnancy, it’s crucial for the healthcare provider to monitor for material or fetal conditions and illnesses. If any signs appear, the doctor has to offer appropriate treatment.

In women who develop gestational diabetes, for example, initiating necessary interventions as soon as possible is essential to avoid the baby suffering from brain injuries like cerebral palsy. Another example is if the doctor fails to pay attention to the symptoms the mother feels, and the result is a birth injury. 

Medication Errors

In some instances, expectant mothers could require supplements or medications to help their baby develop correctly. If the doctor prescribes the wrong medications or the incorrect doses of the medication or supplements, it can lead to injuries to the baby. This includes the use of medications that are known to cause birth defects. 

Getting Help From a New Mexico Personal Injury Lawyer

If your baby suffered injuries or has birth defects that are the result of medical negligence, you may be able to get compensation. It’s essential to turn to a personal injury lawyer with experience in medical malpractice to obtain the justice you deserve. 

At the Hunt Law Firm, we can provide guidance through this difficult situation. Schedule a free consultation with the Hunt Law Firm to speak with a skilled Northern New Mexico medical malpractice lawyer today.