Truck driving down road

5 Leading Causes of Truck Accidents in New Mexico

In 2020, 4.8% of traffic accidents in New Mexico involved commercial trucks. New Mexico doesn’t document the causes of truck accidents in the state, but the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration does release statistical information about the causes of truck accidents. Commercial Trucking and Traffic Accidents Hundreds of thousands of semi-trucks travel through New Mexico […]

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medical malpractice

4 Red Flags for Medical Malpractice 

When you go to the doctor, you place a lot of trust in your healthcare provider, their team, the healthcare where they practice, and the medical industry in general. When something like medical malpractice occurs, victims are often left unsure where to turn for help. It can be difficult to differentiate malpractice from an honest […]

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Attorney shakes hands with man using arm brace to walk

5 Surprising Myths About Personal Injury Cases

Many myths have grown up around personal injury cases and how they’re conducted and resolved. Sadly, these myths have caused accident victims to miss out on opportunities to pursue claims against parties that have injured them. Here are five surprising myths about personal injury cases, along with information to help you evaluate whether you should […]

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Man signing personal injury claim

What Are the Grounds for a Product Liability Claim?

Businesses that manufacture and sell products have a responsibility to make sure they sell safe products. Injured consumers have the right to compensation for their injuries and other losses under several legal theories. Grounds for filing a product liability claim can include: Strict Liability Strict liability is imposed regardless of the manufacturer’s knowledge or lack […]

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Nursing home room

5 Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect is defined as a situation in which a residential facility fails to provide reasonable care to its residents. Neglect differs from abuse in that neglect generally involves a failure to act. It’s important to know the signs of nursing home neglect and learn how an injury lawyer can help victims seek fair […]

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Person walking on cross-walk

Essential Steps to Take After a Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accidents in New Mexico can cause serious or even fatal injuries. Your actions in the aftermath of an accident could affect your right to injury compensation. Here are some essential steps to take after a pedestrian accident to protect your health and your legal rights. Pedestrian Accidents in New Mexico In 2020, New Mexico […]

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Client discussing medical malpractice case with attorney

Effectively Proving You Are a Victim of Medical Malpractice

When you seek medical care from a healthcare professional, you’re putting your health and well-being in their hands. Unfortunately, some doctors act negligently, resulting in harm you never saw coming. If you need legal guidance with your medical malpractice case, rely on the legal team at Hunt Law.  What is medical malpractice? Medical malpractice occurs […]

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Rose on tombstone

Wrongful Death Claim: How Is Value Determined?

Losing a loved one is difficult enough, but when their death results from the wrongdoing of another, it hurts much worse. While money can never bring back a loved one, filing a lawsuit and pursuing compensation for your loss can help ease some of the financial burdens. It’s tough to place a monetary value on […]

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