Nursing home room

5 Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect is defined as a situation in which a residential facility fails to provide reasonable care to its residents. Neglect differs from abuse in that neglect generally involves a failure to act. It’s important to know the signs of nursing home neglect and learn how an injury lawyer can help victims seek fair […]

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nursing home nurse

5 Tips to Avoid Nursing Home Abuses

Finding a nursing home for a loved one can sometimes be a difficult task. It is not always an easy decision to turn over the care of an elder to an outsider.  There are both state and federal standards in place that mandate the proper operation of nursing homes and ensure all residents have their […]

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Woman and elderly woman walking outside of a nursing home.

Coronavirus and Nursing Homes

Q: Can nursing homes be sued if residents get the coronavirus? Santa Fe nursing home neglect attorneys protect and seek restitution for residents who suffer abuse or neglect at the hands of those entrusted with their care. Sadly, vulnerable senior citizens frequently face elder abuse– which can be physical, emotional, and/or financial in nature.  Seniors […]

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Older woman's hand being held

New Mexico Nursing Home Abuse

Q: What is elder abuse? When people picture their golden years, it’s safe to say that few envision living in a nursing home. While most facilities are staffed with trained and caring professionals that provide the proper standard of care to their residents, some seniors are not so lucky. What goes on behind those closed […]

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