Santa Fe Reckless Driving Accident Attorney

In New Mexico, drivers have a legal responsibility to drive safely under the circumstances. Unfortunately, some drivers choose to drive recklessly, putting themselves and everyone else on the road in danger. Every day, New Mexico residents, often Santa Fe & Albuquerque residents, become injured in accidents caused by reckless drivers. If you or your loved one have been seriously injured in a car accident caused by reckless driving, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side.

Hown an Albuquerque & Santa Fe Reckless Driving Lawyer Can Help You

Reckless driving is a crime in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and all of New Mexico. Additionally, victims of reckless driving have a right to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the reckless driver for damages. The skilled personal injury lawyers at Hunt Law will handle your claim from start to finish, negotiating aggressively with the insurance company or defendant. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation. 

Common Examples of Reckless Driving in New Mexico, Especially Santa Fe & Albuquerque

Reckless driving is different from negligent driving. A driver drives negligently when he or she fails to use reasonable care under the circumstances. Negligent driving could include texting while driving or staring out the window instead of focusing on the road ahead. On the other hand, reckless driving involves driving a vehicle carelessly and heedlessly with willful or wanton disregard for the safety of other people on the road. 

Reckless driving also involves driving in a manner that endangers or is likely to endanger other people or property. In other words, reckless driving involves willfully disregarding safety in a way that will endanger people. Common examples of reckless driving in New Mexico include the following:

  • Speeding by driving above the posted speed limits
  • Running a stop sign or red light
  • Driving too fast for the road conditions or inclement weather conditions
  • Using a cellphone, eating, or smoking while driving
  • Improper yielding and passing
  • Driving more passengers than available seat belts in the vehicle
  • Brake failure due to lack of maintenance on a vehicle
  • Driving while intoxicated or impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • Rear-ending another driver due to recklessness

Why You Need an Experienced Santa Fe & Albuquerque Reckless Driving Lawyer

Car accidents can be devastating for your physical, financial, and emotional health. A victim’s life changes in seconds when a reckless driver fails to obey traffic laws. Victims of reckless driving should not have to continue to suffer from medical expenses and other bills that they can’t afford for an injury that wasn’t their fault. The personal injury lawyers at Hunt Law have recovered millions in compensation for our clients. We will protect your rights, evaluate your case, and determine the best legal strategy for obtaining the full amount of compensation you deserve.

Recovering Compensation

When you work with Hunt Law, you can rest assured that one of our personal injury lawyers will advocate aggressively for your right to compensation. We will file a claim against the reckless driver’s insurance policy. Suppose the reckless driver was on the job when the accident occurred. In that case, we may be able to pursue damages in a personal injury lawsuit against the driver and the driver’s employer. For example, if a reckless truck driver runs a red light and causes your injuries, we may be able to sue the driver and the truck company for negligent hiring or supervision.

We Negotiate Assertively With Insurance Companies

In many cases, we will pursue compensation through an insurance company. Unfortunately, insurance companies are well known for avoiding paying victims the total amount of compensation they deserve. An insurance claims adjuster may try to pressure you into signing a settlement agreement for an amount that is far too low. At Hunt Law, we understand all of the tactics used by insurance companies to avoid paying a fair settlement.

 Our lawyers know how to carefully value our client’s claims by determining their current expenses and estimating future medical expenses and lost income. We will also include the pain and suffering our clients have endured as a result of their injuries. Once we’ve accurately estimated the value of our client’s claim, we will negotiate assertively with the insurance company. If the insurance company doesn’t provide a fair amount of damages, we will pursue compensation in court. We will handle all of the insurance negotiations so you can focus on your recovery.

Types of Damages Available in a Reckless Driving Accident

Victims of reckless drivers have a right to pursue compensation for economic and non-economic damages in New Mexico. Monetary damages including easily quantifiable damages associated with the car accident injuries, such as medical expenses. Non-economic damages include damages that are more difficult to quantify, such as payment for pain and suffering. A New Mexico personal injury plaintiffs are entitled to all the following types of damages:

  • Medical bills, including hospital bills, surgeries, medication, and outpatient treatment
  • Lost income
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Mental anguish
  • Property damage
  • Disability
  • Scarring or disfigurement
  • Loss of consortium
  • Wrongful death

Don’t Delay in Contacting a Reckless Driving Accident Attorney

Every state has a time limit for filing a personal injury lawsuit. These limits are called statutes of limitations. In New Mexico, the victim of a car accident has three years from the car accident date to file a personal injury lawsuit. When the victim doesn’t file a lawsuit within this timeframe, he or she will lose the opportunity to seek compensation in court. The sooner you discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer in New Mexico, the more time your lawyer will have to develop an effective legal strategy.

Contact Our Santa Fe & Albuquerque Reckless Driving Lawyer Today

Navigating the claims process can be challenging, especially while trying to recover from a severe injury. If you or your loved one has been injured in a reckless driving car accident, you may be wondering how you will pay your medical bills and other expenses while you take time off to recover. Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit claim against the reckless driver’s insurance policy can help you obtain the financial resources you need. 

At Hunt Law, we do not charge our personal injury clients any legal fees until we obtain compensation on their behalf. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation to discuss how to advocate for your right to compensation.