Man with hurt arm in a cast filing a personal injury claim

What Are the Leading Causes of Crush Injuries?

An accident can happen at any moment, leading to unexpected injuries and financial losses. Crush injuries are among some of the kinds of injuries that can result from multiple types of accidents and dangerous scenarios. If you or a loved one has sustained a crush injury, a personal injury lawyer can provide strong representation and […]

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Man signing a personal injury claim with attorney.

What Qualifies as a Catastrophic Injury?

Personal injury attorneys help clients with getting compensation for all manner of injuries. One of those types of injuries, catastrophic, routinely leads to the most extreme losses and the highest compensation figures. But what exactly is a catastrophic injury? What is a catastrophic injury? Humans are injured regularly and often heal relatively quickly with the […]

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Attorney shakes hands with man using arm brace to walk

5 Surprising Myths About Personal Injury Cases

Many myths have grown up around personal injury cases and how they’re conducted and resolved. Sadly, these myths have caused accident victims to miss out on opportunities to pursue claims against parties that have injured them. Here are five surprising myths about personal injury cases, along with information to help you evaluate whether you should […]

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Pregnant woman in hospital bed

Birth Injuries: 5 Common Causes

Childbirth is widely regarded as a joyous event heralding a future of love, growth, and exploration surrounding a new existence. In fact, if you ask a mother about the best day of her life, she’ll likely start listing the dates when her children were born. People have many ways of preparing for the birth of […]

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