Common Injuries in Santa Fe Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is a fun and exhilarating experience, but there’s always the possibility that other drivers won’t respect your space as a motorcyclist. Every motorcycle accident is different, but due to the nature of motorcycles, some injuries are more common than others. Motorcycles don’t offer the same amount of protection as passenger vehicles, making motorcyclists more exposed to lacerations, road burns, and head injuries. 

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Injuries Commonly Caused by Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable. It’s not surprising that when a motorcyclist is involved in a collision, or the rider must lay down the motorcycle, he or she will sustain traumatic injuries in many cases. When the motorcyclist is not wearing a helmet, the rider is more likely to suffer severe brain injuries that can be devastating or even fatal. The most common motorcycle accident injuries involved injuries to a person’s lower extremities, like the feet, ankles, and legs. 

Bone fractures in the feet and legs frequently occur when a motorcyclist experiences a collision. The motorcycle may collapse onto the driver and cause a bone fracture, or the driver may collide with another vehicle, leaving the legs and feet exposed and more likely to fracture. Injuries to the head and chest are also common. The following are the most common injuries our clients have due to motorcycle accidents in New Mexico:

Types of Motorcycle Injuries

Nearly any type of injury that can happen in a passenger vehicle accident can happen to a motorcyclist. Motorcyclists are particularly at risk because of the lack of protection a motorcycle affords the rider. Motorcyclists are more likely to die in crashes than passengers in vehicles. Passenger vehicles benefit from safety features such as airbags, anti-lock brakes, and steel frames around the passenger area. 

Many factors will contribute to the severity of an injury experienced by a motorcyclist. The size of the passenger vehicle, the size of the motorcycle, and the speed at which either vehicle was traveling are important factors. While some motorcyclists will be able to recover from their injuries, they will typically require immediate hospitalization and rehabilitation that could last for weeks or even months after the motorcycle accident.

Lower-Extremity Injuries

As mentioned above, injuries to the lower extremities are more common in motorcycle accident victims. Victims can experience injuries to the legs and pelvis in motorcycle accidents. When a person rides a motorcycle, his or her legs and pelvis can suffer more impact on the collision because of their position on the motorcycle. Lower legs and feet are less likely to withstand the impact of the motorcycle accident, making severe lower extremity injuries more likely. Lower extremity injuries can prevent someone from walking, either temporarily or permanently.

Upper-Extremity Injuries

Even though lower extremity injuries are more common in motorcycle accidents, upper extremity injuries do happen. Upper extremity injuries include injuries to the head, face, neck, abdomen, and thorax. Motorcycle riders over 40 are more likely to experience these types of injuries, especially broken ribs, than younger riders. Older riders tend to ride larger motorcycles which provide more coverage to their lower extremities and perhaps more protection. On the other hand, larger motorcycles are more likely to overturn.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Traumatic brain injuries are also common types of injuries caused by motorcycle accidents. A traumatic brain injury is an injury to a person’s brain tissue that can vary in severity from a minor concussion to a catastrophic injury. Traumatic brain injuries can also result in death. The brain does not have the same regenerative capacity as other parts of the body. If the neurons inside the brain become damaged, the damage can be permanent.

There are various ways motorcycle accidents can cause devastating traumatic brain injuries. When motorcyclists are thrown from their motorcycles, they could strike their heads on the pavement, another vehicle, or nearby objects. A traumatic brain injury could occur following a blunt blow to the skull when bone fragments of the skull cause secondary damage to the brain tissue. Additionally, a penetrating injury to the brain could cause damage to the neurons and blood vessels underneath. Finally, if another vehicle is involved, someone could strike his or her head on the other vehicle.

Motorcycle Accidents and Negligent Drivers

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by another person’s negligence, you may be able to hold the negligent driver responsible. In New Mexico, victims who become injured in motorcycle accidents have a right to hold the at-fault driver liable through a personal injury lawsuit. Motorcycle accidents are frequently severe enough to exhaust the coverage afforded by the at-fault driver’s insurance policy. Insurance companies may deny the claim for compensation or offer far less compensation than the victim deserves. Working with a skilled lawyer is crucial to recovering compensation. 

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A motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault can cause serious injuries with short-term or long-term consequences. At Hunt Law, we have the experience and resources necessary to thoroughly investigate your case and determine who is at fault for your motorcycle accident. We will work diligently to seek the total amount of compensation you deserve. Contact Hunt Law today to discuss your case with a skilled lawyer and learn more about your rights.