Pedestrian Safety Tips

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Going for a walk can have many benefits. Physical activity can be a great form of exercise. Getting outside can be great for mental health. Walking can also be a wonderful, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. While you are enjoying the many benefits of walking, be sure to stay safe. Pedestrians can be particularly vulnerable in the event of an accident, lacking any protection when confronted with large, powerful vehicles. Here, we will go over some things you can do to stay safe out there on your walks.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

One of the number one tips for pedestrian safety may be to stay alert and stay aware. You may have been told of the benefits of being a defensive driver. The same can be said of being a defensive pedestrian. Stay alert of your surroundings. Assume that vehicles do not see you until you have confirmed otherwise. This means waiting at crosswalks until all vehicles have stopped. This means waiting until a car has stopped or completed a turn before entering a crosswalk. It also remembers that being aware of your surroundings will mean minimizing distractions. Avoid wearing headphones and, if you insist on them, find headphones that allow ambient sound to get through. Sounds can be major warning signals that your safety is at risk. Furthermore, avoid staring down at your phone or other distractions. Keeping your eyes on your surroundings can be important to staying safe as well.

While it is sometimes unavoidable, try to only walk in optimal walking conditions. This means during the daylight hours and avoiding periods of inclement weather. Nighttime and rainy conditions mean visibility runs lower and distractions tend to run higher for everyone, drivers included. If you must walk at night, be sure to wear bright, visible, and reflective clothing. This will help make drivers and others aware of your presence.

Being visible as a pedestrian is important. When drivers are aware of a pedestrian’s presence, they are much more likely to act accordingly in a way that keeps the pedestrian safe, such as stopping at crosswalks, not backing up into a pedestrian, and more. This is why pedestrians should be sure to cross at crosswalks whenever they are available. Crosswalks tend to be more visible and sometimes even include flashing lights to make cars aware of a pedestrian waiting to cross. Again, however, never assume that a car sees you and will stop when approaching a crosswalk. Wait for all vehicles to stop before making a move to cross the street.

As we previously discussed, avoiding distracted walking is important to pedestrian safety as it is also important to safe driving. Additionally, avoiding walking while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs can also be important as it can also be important to avoid driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

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