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How Common Are Trucking Accidents in New Mexico?

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New Mexico truck accidents occur with enough frequency to impact thousands of lives each year. They cause significant injuries and death and result in millions of dollars in personal losses for victims and their families. But just how often do they occur? According to the numbers, the answer depends on when they occur.

New Mexico Truck Accidents

The rate of incidence of heavy truck accidents in New Mexico is alarming, given the low population of the state. According to the numbers, a truck crash occurs every three hours in the state. The numbers also show that trucks are responsible for nearly 10% of all accident fatalities but account for only around 5% of the cars on the road. 

This frequency of crashes has always been a top concern for state and federal officials. Finding a solution has involved analyzing the characteristics of the crashes to glean whatever helpful information is available. 

Truck Accidents and Time of Day

One phenomenon that the numbers have demonstrated is that most truck accidents in New Mexico and the nation occur between noon and 3 p.m. Although it would seem that there is less of a risk at times of lower traffic, the chances of getting in a truck accident are higher during this time. 

Researchers speculate that high-traffic times are characterized by slower transit speeds due to congestion and frequent stopping and going. Hence, truckers are likely to be more aware during heavy traffic so as to avoid an accident. 

With less traffic, truckers may be more likely to speed and operate their trucks with less awareness, leading to a higher risk of an accident.

Truck Accidents and Day of the Week

Data from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) show that truck accidents are more likely to occur on weekdays than on weekends; up to 80% of them occur between Monday and Friday. 

One reason for this is that a large percentage of trucking companies move the majority of their freight on weekdays. As you would imagine, the number of fatal truck accidents is higher during the week as well, with Thursday being one of the days with the most fatalities. 

As far as the time of day for fatalities, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. is when deadly truck accidents typically take place. 

Truck Accidents and Time of Year

The holiday season experiences a sharp rise in truck accident crashes and deaths, most notably due to the increase in commerce and shipping. Over 1,000 truck accident victims typically die during this period. But other times of the year can be deadly as well, such as the summer months, when more drivers are on the road. 

Why Truck Accidents Occur

Knowing when truck accidents occur can give insight into why they occur. However, knowing when does not give the entire picture. Yes, the more traffic and big rigs on the road, the more likely a big rig accident. But other factors are at play as well. 

For example, during the holidays, the increase in trucks on the road may indeed raise the risk of accidents, but the number of trucks has nothing to do with poor weather or distracted drivers. Other causes of accidents are the prevalence of fatigued drivers and instances of overloaded semis. 

Regardless of the why or the when, truck accident victims can seek to recoup the losses they experience as a result of the crash. 

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