injured athlete

Athlete Safety Tips

Being active and participating in sports can be an important part of a person’s life. Not only does it provide the perfect opportunity to reap the health benefits, both mental and physical, associated with exercise, but it can give a person a sense of community and purpose as goals continue to be pursued. Unfortunately, sports […]

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back pain

Possible Treatment for Neck and Back Injuries

If you have been in a car accident, you may have sustained a neck or back injury. Neck and back injuries are all too common results of auto accidents. These injuries can not only be painful but can be debilitating and impact all aspects of your life. Treatment can be extensive and, in some instances, […]

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catastrophic injury

What Is a Catastrophic Injury?

Car crashes, truck crashes, motorcycle crashes, there are all kinds of accidents that can lead to people sustaining serious, even catastrophic injuries. While there is no universal definition of what exactly constitutes a catastrophic injury, there are some common examples and general guidelines that usually apply to this type of injury. If you or a […]

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Doctor treating burn injury from car accident.

What Is Considered to be a Catastrophic Injury?

While being involved in an accident resulting in injury can have far-reaching impacts on a person’s life, some injuries are so severe in nature that the consequences can be considerably devastating. Catastrophic injury law centers on those injuries which, even under the best of circumstances, will forever change a person’s life. The unique nature of […]

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Man following social distancing guidelines, wiping down his car.

Social Distancing and Personal Injury Claims

Q: Will social distancing increase pedestrian accidents and lawsuits? Many states are moving toward staged reopenings after being in a near-complete lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Still, many people are working remotely or are unemployed and spending more time at home. To escape the monotony of confinement in their homes, many people are out […]

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Woman buying groceries at an essential business.

Lawsuits After Contracting the Coronavirus at Work

Q: Can an employer be liable if a worker contracts COVID-19 at work? The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has turned the nation upside down with government directives locking down most of the country for extended periods of time. While the race for effective treatments and a new vaccine continues, record numbers of victims have perished as […]

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