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How Does Medical Treatment Affect Your Personal Injury Case?

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Many people hesitate to receive medical care after being involved in an accident that was someone else’s fault. This can be dangerous to their health since it could result in worsening injuries, and it can also hinder the process of getting compensation for those injuries. 

Physicians can have a powerful impact on a personal injury case. If you’ve been in an accident that was someone else’s fault and have suffered injuries, you need to turn to medical professionals for help. 

Medical Treatment Helps Establish Necessary Care

Turning to medical experts leaves a record of the kind of injuries you have sustained and the treatments you may need to undergo in the future. This impacts the kind of compensation you can claim. 

The duration of the treatments you need also factor into your compensation claim. Someone who may need physical therapy for a year or more will usually be able to claim more compensation than someone who only needs a few sessions of chiropractic care. 

Gaps in Treatment Can Devalue the Claim

Keep in mind that there shouldn’t be any gaps in treatment for the injuries you’ve sustained because it can end up devaluing your claim. That’s why it’s so important to reach out for help as soon as the accident occurs. 

Once you begin treatment, you should continue until it is complete. Sometimes, a gap is unavoidable, but it always looks better if you’ve kept all your treatment appointments. 

Medical Treatment Offers Medical Records

For you to be able to claim compensation for medical treatments, you have to prove that you received them. Going to reputable medical professionals allows you to get the records you’ll need. When you visit the physician, let them know that you’re filing a personal injury claim so that they’ll keep the most thorough records possible. 

You need to keep all records of your medical bills and ask for copies of your medical records. Your personal injury lawyer will need these for your case. 

Not Following Medical Recommendations Hurts Your Claim

If your doctor orders you not to work or not to engage in certain activities, you must follow their instructions. Insurance adjusters watch you closely once you file a personal injury claim. They may check your social media or anything that is public domain, so if they see that you are not following your doctor’s orders, this could harm your claim. 

Do pre-existing conditions affect personal injury claims?

Pre-existing conditions can make personal injury claims more complex. Having clear medical records is important to delineate what injuries resulted from the accident and which were not. 

If you have a pre-existing neck injury, for example, you may still be able to get compensation if the accident worsens the condition. Having medical records from your doctor about ongoing treatment and how the accident impacted the existing problem makes a huge difference. 

Hunt Law Firm: Offering Reliable Guidance

Being in any kind of accident can be traumatic, but it can all be much more difficult if you’ve received an injury that requires medical treatment. It’s essential that you turn to medical professionals right after being in an accident. They can offer the right diagnosis and treatment plan, so you and your lawyer can ask for compensation. 

At Hunt Law Firm, we provide the guidance you need when filing a personal injury case. We have two decades of experience helping clients navigate the complexities of personal injury claims in Northern New Mexico. Contact us at Hunt Law Firm today for a free consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers.